2002 pontiac bonneville power window problems

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    On all but the driver's door, the electric windows and door locks quit working. First the back ones and then the front passenger about a month or so later. We have checked all of the fuses and relays. They seem to be ok. It doesn't seem like the motors would "wear out" since the driver's window is used so much more than the others. I had a leak (which I understand is typical for this car) in the driver's side rear, which happened not too long before these electrical problems. Is it possible the standing water on the back floor caused a short? Or the leak itself, inside the door?


    Had the same problem. It rained and we left the driver side door window down a little it took out the switch in the door. Replaced the switch it includes the 4 windows, window lockout and the 2 switches for the mirror controls all on one module. Cost $125 at Autozone (have them show you a picture - Advanced Auto had the wrong one lock on top only window switches). Put switch in works great the door lock is a separate switch (trying to find that one now).
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