P0859 Code - Traction Control Input Signal High

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    What does P0859 Mean?

    Is the fuel pump sometimes not priming when you turn the key to ON(II)? Start by measuring the fuel pressure and checking whether you have bright white-bluish spark at all four plugs. The mechanical timing is also something that you should check, as we mentioned above. When you see P0859 engine fault code on your engine code reader this description will help you.

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    What are the common causes of P0859 ?
    • Faulty IMRC actuator/sensor
    • A large vacuum leak would cause a massive amount of un-metered air to enter the intake manifold resulting in an overly lean mixture.
    • Low fuel pressure caused by a clogged filter, failing fuel pump, failed fuel pressure regulator or clogged or leaking injectors.

    How do you troubleshoot P0859 ?
    • If the traction control system's activation switch have been identified as faulty, it should be a relatively simple process of removing and replacing the component. Any other components that have been identified as faulty should be repaired or replaced accordingly.
    • Any wiring you've identified as being sufficiently corroded, damaged or disconnected should be repaired or replaced as needed.
    • After conducting your repairs, retest the vehicle to see whether or not the trouble code returns.
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