P0880 Code - TCM Power Input Signal

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    What does P0880 Mean?

    The poor running symptoms are consistent with a MAP sensor malfunction. In addition, in some cases, a bad MAP sensor will not throw a code. Again, the ELD code likely represents a separate wiring issue. When you see P0880 engine fault code on your engine code reader this description will help you.

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    What are the common causes of P0880 ?
    • The Mass Airflow sensor is a hot wire that senses the volume of air entering the intake manifold. The computer uses this information to control fuel mixture.
    • Defective ECU strategies or components will prevent proper regeneration
    • Low fuel pressure caused by a clogged filter, failing fuel pump, failed fuel pressure regulator or clogged or leaking injectors.

    How do you troubleshoot P0880 ?
    • Disconnect the traction control switch from the system and replaced it.
    • Any wiring that has been identified as being corroded, broken or disconnected should be repaired accordingly.
    • Following every set of repairs, the vehicle should be retested to see how it's affected the traction system's operation.
    • In rare cases where the traction control module itself is faulty, it should be repaired or replaced.

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