P0959 Code - Auto Shift Manual Mode Circuit Intermittent

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    What does P0959 Mean?

    OBD-II Code Powertrain Control Module (PCM) failure is defined as a Auto Shift Manual Mode Circuit Intermittent

    Some vehicles equipped with automatic transmission will give the driver the option of selecting the desired gear while driving, known as Autostick Shifting. The shifter will usually either have a + ahd - button on it, or shift side to side when in Drive. If the downshift switch does not function correctly, code P0959 will set and the Autostick shift function will be disabled.

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    What are the common causes of P0959 ?

    • Auto Shift Manual Mode Circuit Intermittent

    How do you troubleshoot P0959 ?

    Pack the connector cavity with dielectric silicone compound (same stuff they use for light bulb sockets and spark plug wires) and reassemble. Look for missing ground strap or a rusty ground where the fuel tank is grounded to the frame. Check for damage to the wiring harness connector.

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