P0965 Code - Pressure Control Solenoid 'B' Control Circuit Range/Performance

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    What does P0965 Mean?

    The catalytic converter has an oxygen sensor in front and behind it. When the vehicle is warm and running in closed loop mode, the upstream oxygen sensor waveform reading should fluctuate. When you see P0965 engine fault code on your engine code reader this description will help you.

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    What are the common causes of P0965 ?
    • Pressure Control Solenoid "B" Control Circuit Range/Performance

    How do you troubleshoot P0965 ?

    If the engine displays a miss and there wasn't a code, determine which cylinder is misfiring. If the exhaust manifold is visible, spay or pour a small amount of water on each cylinder exhaust port. Water will evaporate immediately on good cylinders and slowly on the missing cylinder. If this can't be accomplished pull the plugs and check the condition. Look for missing ground strap or a rusty ground where the fuel tank is grounded to the frame. Check for damage to the wiring harness connector. Check to make sure they are not burnt or corroded. If in doubt, get some Electrical Contact cleaner at any parts store if cleaning of the terminals is needed.

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